Zad Vecsey

Benefits of Flow

Defining Flow One of the founding fathers of positive psychology, Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, focused his research on [...]

FLIGBY Leadership Skills

Developing leadership competencies through serious games The serious game FLIGBY aims to identify, measure, and [...]
Judit Nuszpl

Flow in the city that flows

People of Rijeka were introduced to the popular concept of Flow Little by little, Flow is also penetrating Rijeka, [...]
Beata Souders

Flow-promoting Leadership

The Basics: Csikszentmihalyi’s “Good Business” Idea Flow-promoting leadership is wanted: while most people enjoy [...]

Game-based Profiling

A methodology of establishing leadership skill profile using gameplay data ALEAS’ first business simulation [...]

Online Leadership Training

Going entirely online with your training Given the current global health challenges and the changing development [...]

Scenario-based Learning

Branched Scenarios: choose-your-own learning path FLIGBY is a scenario-based learning program —also known as [...]

Teaching Blue Ocean

Strategy and Leadership The FLIGBY lab was contacted recently by one of our North American academic partners to [...]
Zad Vecsey

What’s New in FLIGBY v2.0

FLIGBY v2.0: Redesign after eight years of global service FLIGBY v2.0 is finally here. After eight years of [...]