What this assessment is good for

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Less than 20% of employees are fully engaged today. This means the vast majority of our labor force is showing up for their paycheques but not truly invested in their work or their organizations. Furthermore, a significant and worrisome percentage is actively resentful and toxic to their organization. Recent data suggests that more than 50% of employees always have one foot out the door, actively seeking different employment. When asked, most of these “unengaged employees” openly state they are not leaving their job, there are leaving their bosses!

Product details

The LeadWell Assessment features and capabilities, which include the LeadWell Index – developed in cooperation with the Mental Health Commission of Canada – and Bonus Conduct Challenge, evaluate a player’s ability to make optimal empathetic, tolerant choices and identify and address inappropriate, bullying, and harassing behavior. LeadWell results are meant to stimulate individual self-reflection and provide a platform for discussion about workplace conduct and managerial responsibility in blended learning situations.

What’s included

  1. Your LeadWell Index – Analyzes gameplay decisions and assesses the ability to instill healthy and psychologically safe relationships and respectful, collaborative workplaces.
  2. Your “Empathy,” “Tolerance,” and “Supporting Wellness Leadership” Scores – The LeadWell Assessment is designed to provide deeper insight into the ability to make optimal empathetic, tolerant choices, as well as identify and address inappropriate bullying and harassing behavior.
  3. Bonus Conduct Challenge – This add-on allows the player to stop gameplay, identify inappropriate conduct and select the appropriate action to address the situation. This added feature is intended to provoke thinking about what is and is not proper conduct in a workplace; create space for each player to examine their tolerance level for borderline and egregious conduct; and test the ability to discern when inappropriate, bullying, and harassing behavior has become toxic and dangerous to the workplace, and potentially illegal.
  4. Tasks Ahead – Your three primary leadership skills that you need to improve for a more engaging leadership style and for creating a more collaborative working environment.

How it works

The report is generated automatically based on your completed gameplay. All full gameplays will be reported in a comparable format.


This report is available on-screen and in downloadable PDF.

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