How FLIGBY Works
FLIGBY is a scientifically designed business simulation (in an interactive movie format) underpinned by the proven theory of positive psychology and the applied approach of what makes specific computer games effective instruments of serious learning.
FLIGBY combines the virtual-reality-gaming experience with cutting-edge
soft-skill development.
The professionally designed online learning curve enables human interaction
with FLIGBY’s intuitive user interface, generating visual feedback on your screen. The
characters’ reactions to your decisions feel real.

That’s how FLIGBY business simulation works: the “branching narrative” storytelling allows you to pick between a series of choices as they go along, giving them control over how the plot unfolds.

You will explore and experience the complexities of leadership and how the Flow-state influences individual and team performance.

Playing FLIGBY more than once – even several times – allows players to test different strategies and behavior patterns, comparing their results on all aspects.

The dynamic data on FLIGBY’s dashboard gives a continuously up-to-date overview of your performance. The indicators show, for example, the “Corporate Atmosphere,” the “Profitability Index,” and each of your management team member’s positions on Csikszentmihalyi’s Map of Everyday Experience.
After completing the business simulation, FLIGBY provides an individual report on your skill set, with various benchmarking options available. Assessing individual gameplay results on a group or organizational level allows for analyzing group dynamics and how people with different skill sets work together on shared tasks in a team.