Gameplay Data Research

FLIGBY’s experiential learning approach offers scholars a valuable opportunity to manage gameplay data research on decisions. By analyzing the player’s data, FLIGBY’s qualified academic partners got an excellent chance to identify the behavior patterns of different user groups. In recent years, there have been decisive studies comparing the behavior patterns of various generations or examining the cultural determination of entrepreneurial skills based on comparing the managerial decisions of American, European, and Asian leaders who played FLIGBY.

In just a few years, FLIGBY has been played by many businesspeople, MBA candidates, and other college students, as well as by individuals from all walks of life, generating millions of observations. This rich databank, whose essential characteristic is the unbiased nature of the responses that are recorded, is available for gameplay data research about leadership and its changing requirements, as the world of technology, the role of knowledge workers and the meaning of organizations are rapidly evolving in our dynamic age.

FLIGBY is an exciting Game in which each individual player assumes the role of the general manager of an imaginary Californian winery. Each player has to make 150+ decisions, applying the key ideas embodied in Csikszentmihalyi’s Flow concept and Flow-related value system, as best as she or he can. During the Game, the player receives continuous, individually-tailored feedback, designed to guide her or him toward Flow-based managerial practices. The feedback continues after the Game ends: each player is sent a report about his or her relative strengths and weaknesses in terms of both the general leadership skills and those that are especially important if one wishes to live, work, and lead according to Flow-based values and Flow-promoting practices. This makes the Game an innovative management/leadership development tool.

“…My science-based contribution to FLIGBY was identifying and defining the set of skills that a Flow-theory-aligned manager or leader would likely possess. My background as a psychologist and as the principal researcher for the Good Business book was helpful for this task. Now I am excited about the future: about the new frontiers that FLIGBY’s unmatched and continuously expanding database has opened up for leadership research.”…


– Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi (essay in the book, Missing Link Discovered)

FLIGBY’s Academic Research Center was co-founded by Prof. Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi and is in Budapest, Hungary, in a strategic partnership with Corvinus University Budapest.

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