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Your Leadership Skills Profile
The original, comprehensive assessment of your gameplay co-authored by Prof. Csikszentmihalyi, the Father of Flow, and co-founder of Positive Psychology
Including the 29 Flow-promoting skills, all the KPIs, Flow-map, and many more
Sample report
Your VUCA Capabilities
On your VUCA readiness that shows how you manage your team in a volatile, changing environment full of risk
Including the 5 VUCA capabilities with direct reference to your decisions made in FLIGBY
Sample report
LeadWell Assessment
Analyzing your level of empathy, tolerance, and other associated leadership skills in workplace situations Including the ability to identify and address inappropriate behavior, ranging from interoffice stress to highly egregious and toxic behavior
Sample report
Sample Syllabus
Download a sample for a Leadership Course inclusive of ideas for grading and assignments!
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Role Skill Strengths
A role-optimizing diagnostic to maximize job satisfaction, engagement, productivity, and Flow in your work
Including the five professional roles preferences
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