Ready for a Business Game? Benefits

The business game FLIGBY offers excellent benefits to your organization to increase its competitiveness through innovative learning solutions:

  • You will create an engaging and motivating learning environment – High levels of interaction make learning fun and increase retention.
  • You can analyze team and group dynamics – Assessing game results on a group or organizational level offers the possibility to explore group dynamics and how people with different skill sets work together on everyday tasks in a team.
  • Predictive people analytics: You can identify critical organizational issues Collected data can predict the management group’s future behavior under different strategic challenges and help identify leadership skills gaps, one of the frequent causes of an organization’s strategic failure.
  • You will realize a high return on investment (ROI) – Training in a digitally simulated environment can maximize your training time and minimize the money you spend by enabling you to learn basic management procedures and then master them at your organization.
  • You will achieve better results faster – Simulating a scenario to practice different responses and actions to a real-life situation is highly effective in knowledge retention. This is because knowledge isn’t in theory – the user needs to apply it in a real case. Simulations offer a chance to experience scenarios that depict actual events.

The business game FLIGBY also provides impressive benefits on the individual level:

  • Players will see their decisions’ real-time consequences – A risk-free introduction of leadership challenges: allowing managers to experience and know the impact of their choices and actions.
  • Players can try things more than once – The simulation allows them to practice a scenario repeatedly until they gain complete confidence.
  • Players can practice unusual situations – Simulation allows players to practice responses to challenging business conditions and interpersonal conflicts while it develops a range of complex skills.
  • Players will learn more in less time – Virtual scenarios let learners gather professional expertise and experience within a much shorter time than what they would have obtained working in real jobs.
  • Players will get real-time feedback – Simulations can provide users with practical and automated real-time performance feedback to support the learning process.

Many business organizations have already decided to make the experiential learning approach offered by this business game part of their talent and leadership development programs.

Try FLIGBY and see how it can support your corporate training goals!