What is this assessment for

Wanna live in a better world? Be a better leader! This report is about how to be more focused, involved, and effective in managing your everyday challenges.

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What people skills do you use most during work or other everyday activities? What are the competencies you use less but should? The “Leadership Skills Profile” is the award-winning, ultimate FLIGBY assessment designed along Prof. Csikszentmihalyi’s guidelines and insights. It helps to find your balance and the key to motivating others.

Product details

The report comprehensively overviews 29 essential people skills to create and maintain a flow-promoting environment. It gives a detailed analysis of your decisions in managing interpersonal and business challenges during your gameplay in the simulation. Your leadership profile gives you precise feedback on which of the 29 essential flow-promoting skills you prefer, clearly indicating options for your personal development.

The assessment also includes game results in KPI values, like profitability, corporate atmosphere, or sustainability, and indicates how your virtual colleagues judge your performance as their team leader.

Results are also aggregated and analyzed at the group (cohort) level to identify organizational issues. A wide range of benchmarks is available to get the most out of these predictive analytics.

What’s included

  1. Flow and Good Business – Greetings by Prof. Csikszentmihalyi
  2. Your Gameplay Results – Your gaming progress; Spirit of the Wine Award; Flow trophies; Corporate atmosphere; Profitability; Your colleagues’ “no-holds-barred” comments on you as their manager
  3. Your Leadership Skills Profile – What skills are measured, and how to interpret them; Your 29 leadership skills; Distribution curve and Percentile rankings; Your top 3 Skills identified, compared, and explained; Your most to-be-improved skills identified, compared, and explained
  4. If You Want to Know More – A Game-based approach to identifying your leadership potential; More about winning the Spirit of the Wine Award; More about the “Hit” Percentage of Your Decisions; More about the “Flow Map”; More about Your “Sum Flow” Index; Your colleagues’ final positions on the Flow Map; The 29 leadership skills: definitions; Fligby’s “no-punches-pulled” opinion on you as a leader

How it works

The report is generated automatically based on your completed gameplay. All full gameplays will be reported in a comparable format to indicate the progress of your personal learning/development journey when replaying the simulation.


This report is available on-screen and in downloadable PDF and XLS formats.

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