What the VUCA Report is good for

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The volatile, uncertain environment has become a reality nowadays. VUCA is not a fancy buzzword anymore; it’s your everyday job environment. This derivative assessment shows how you perform when you face tough and unpredicted challenges. FLIGBY’s advanced people analytics converts your skills profile into measuring five essential VUCA competencies that show how you solve complex and ambiguous situations.

Product details

The VUCA assessment provides insights into your decision-making in five dimensions: how you embrace risk, your openness to experiment with new solutions, your self-awareness, your learning speed, and how you set priorities.

It is just about time that we take VUCA seriously, use serious games to map out our leadership skillset, and use the data to change our methods and mindset. We should stop blaming complexity and use unpredictability to fuel individual and team peak performance instead. The very first step on this journey is understanding, thus mapping out our leadership skills and discovering our personal attributes. Having a better understanding of where we are and our strengths is a prerequisite to embarking on an arduous journey of self-development.

The FLIGBY simulation presents a series of decision points that test how the user acts in a moment when faced with a crisis. It’s a unique and engaging way for a leader to test her own capacity to lead in a VUCA world and have her team members understand where they are on their leadership journey.

What’s included

  1. Your Scorecard – Overview of your results
  2. Your VUCA Readiness – Actual values of your VUCA competencies: Embracing Risk; Experimenting; Demonstrating Self-Awareness; Learning Fast; Ruthlessly Prioritizing with a direct reference to the actual scores of your resonating leadership skills like Time-pressured decision-making, Information gathering, Intuitive thinking, emotional Intelligence and many more.
  3. VUCA at Turul: Analyzing Your Gameplay – Review your responses along five critical decision points in your gameplay based on your VUCA readiness sharing practical hints and insights.
  4. Welcome to VUCA – Explaining what VUCA means in everyday reality and how it can be managed by Flow-promoting leadership strategies.

How it works

The report is generated automatically based on your completed gameplay. All full gameplays will be reported in a comparable format.

Download the sample of this report!