The Flipped Classroom Model

Using online simulation in academic teaching opens new innovative perspectives both for instructors and students. Getting started is easier than you think. FLIGBY offers a time-consuming plug-and-play solution for adding experiential learning to your class with its Flipped Classroom” approach.

The „Flipped Classroom” is an instructional strategy and type of blended learning that reverses the traditional educational sequencing of “lecture and then homework” to “first viewing a lecture video or playing a serious game,” to be followed by class discussion.

Successful implementations show that the flipped classroom model is the most effective way to integrate online simulations in the academy. Students prefer this blended approach because it combines online game-based interactivity with engaging classroom activities and fun.

This is how the Flipped Classroom model works:

1. Intro – During the first class session, when the instructor introduces FLIGBY, they explain the objectives of the Game and what concepts and practices it is designed to illustrate (there are many, so the teacher is free to stress those they consider to be the most relevant for the course), and explains basics, such as the deadlines by when students must complete FLIGBY outside the classroom through a given Scene, and the deadline by when all must have finished the Game. This takes place in the classroom, titled “Introductory Session.”

2. FLIGBY Discussions – Then, during the time the instructor designates, students must play – out of class, on their own time – say, the first three Scenes. Then follows a session again in class, say, a week later, when a short time can be devoted to discussing what students have experienced early in the Game; also answering their FLIGBY-related questions to facilitate their continued play. This alteration between playing FLIGBY out of class and then discussing part of it in class may be repeated several times.

3. Debriefing – Finally, the teacher plans the “Debriefing Session,” held after the announced deadline, when everyone must have completed the Game. The “Debriefing Session” should be a “blended learning” class.

A detailed sample syllabus supports your course design, including assignments and grading options. Download it here!