Triple Scorecard for Sustainability

Are you looking for an online simulation of triple scorecard dilemmas? FLIGBY is a value-based program that suggests how individuals, organizations, and society can interact more harmoniously, effectively, and sustainably.

The player’s performance at the Game’s end is judged based on successfully balancing Flow, profit, and the environment (sustainability). There is no precise formula for achieving this balance; various combinations of decisions can lead to good results.

To highlight the importance and contributions of Flow-promoting leadership – without neglecting an organization’s “profit potential” as well as its “impact on the environment” – FLIGBY aligned its game-success indicators with the well-known Triple-Scorecard idea (giving high weight to generating Flow).

FLIGBY’s key performance indicator framework is a multi-dimensional performance measurement concept comprised of Flow, profit potential, and environmental sustainability.

In FLIGBY’s Triple Scorecard measure, the final score of each player is the weighted sum of their decisions’ impacts on

  1. generating Flow in individual team members and contributing to a Flow-friendly “corporate atmosphere” environment (“Sum of Individual Flows” + “Corporate Atmosphere” Index)
  2. improving the Winery’s profit potential, and
  3. making sure that its products and production processes are environmentally friendly.

Our version of the Triple Scorecard aligns with Prof. Michael Crooke’s “SEER” (Socially, Environmentally, and Ethically Responsible) business model to create strategies for true long-term competitive advantage. FLIGBY is also a Triple Bottom Line simulation, reflecting John Elkington’s famous framework.

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