Gamified Leadership Development

Combining Video Game Experience with Psychometric Assessment

The growing demand for experiential learning is paving the way for gamified leadership development programs. FLIGBY is a serious game software with an interactive movie design. It offers the user a choice about which direction a given segment may proceed. The scenario-based approach used by FLIGBY is a proven method to improve critical thinking skills. The lessons are built around a series of progressively complex workplace assignments or situations. FLIGBY allows players to practice responses to challenging business conditions in a realistically designed virtual learning space while keeping them safe from their decisions’ expensive (and sometimes irreversible) consequences.

In the movie-like virtual reality, each game participant is tasked with leading a management team of 8 pretty sophisticated individuals. As the Winery’s new GM, players must build a cohesive leadership team, craft a strategy, handle conflict situations, prioritize tasks, and resolve day-to-day leadership and management dilemmas.

Although FLIGBY’s gamified leadership development is Flow-based, its managerial challenges and options are fully compatible with a wide range of leadership theories, enhancing them all by bringing excitement and inspiration to leadership development.

FLIGBY’s Blended Learning Approach for More Effectiveness

In the corporate setup, FLIGBY is more than an online simulation. It is embedded in a blended program combining online learning with live-action training elements. The FLIGBY Blended Program is closely connected to Simulation and includes special online or onsite workshops and consultancy.

Blended Learning’s role is to underline the Simulation’s message personally, put it into a classical organization/leadership development context, and integrate it into other learning processes such as coaching.

FLIGBY’s gamified leadership development occurs through a three-phase approach of preparation, learning, and follow–up:

  1. Briefing (preparation) – In the basic blended structure, the introductory briefing explains the game’s objectives, design, and rules, sets expectations, and gives an overview of the reporting.
  2. Playing FLIGBY (experiential learning) – The intermediate tasks during gameplay are carefully designed to enhance motivation and retention of knowledge and encourage progress through feedback and reflection.
  3. Debriefing (follow-up) – Finally, the post-game debrief allows for a deep dive into gameplay results and leadership profiles on individual and cohort levels.

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