Narrative Context: Why Winery?

A Story that is Engaging and Relevant

Narrative context, in which interactivity takes place, plays an essential role in business simulations. A good story includes an exposition (beginning), conflict, rising action, climax, denouement (ending), characters, settings, plot points, etc. Its narrative context provides a strong storytelling power to FLIGBY. Check out Prof. Csikszentmihalyi’s video about FLIGBY’s plot:

In the story, you take on the General Manager (GM) role of the well-established and well-known “Turul Winery” in California. As the recently appointed GM of the vineyard, you face the challenging task of having to achieve a state of harmony and cooperation in a team significantly weakened by internal conflicts. Furthermore, you must find ways to free your colleagues’ creative energies by applying appropriate leadership methods.

My Organization is Not a Winery. Not a Problem at All!

All events simulated in FLIGBY are based on real-life situations and the experience of organizational development professionals and other “adventurers.” Why did we choose a Californian winery as the venue of the FLIGBY leadership simulation? First, we needed a good story that captured people’s imagination. But there is more to it.

Being good neighbors and stewards of the land are essential business and personal values in the California wine community. This industry has committed to sustainability and transparency, as evidenced by the self-assessment and certification programs that have emerged during the last decade.

Will you be capable of winning the international “Spirit of Wine Award” as a direct result of your leadership skills and efforts in the wine business?

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(Knowing the wine business and industry is not a prerequisite for completing the Simulation successfully. At the same time, players will have the opportunity to gain insights into California’s wine industry, assisted by the extensive multimedia library to which you have free access on demand during the Game.)