Game Analytics: How FLIGBY Measures

We measure behavior

FLIGBY is a scientifically designed educational game (a business simulation) underpinned by positive psychology and the applied theory of what makes computer games effective learning instruments. These mutually reinforcing scientific foundations guarantee that FLIGBY generates successful learning outcomes.

FLIGBY would not have been possible without Csikszentmihalyi’s active participation in its development. He defined the scientific framework for measuring soft skills and implemented the “map of everyday experience,” considered one of the most innovative visual feedback in the history of serious game design.

FLIGBY records players’ every stroke and measures their capabilities on multiple dimensions. During the gameplay, 150 decisions and their individual, business, and organizational impacts are evaluated.

Important to emphasize that FLIGBY’s people analytics scores NOT “who you are” but “HOW YOU BEHAVED.” Our measurement does not reveal a particular personality trait. We measure the frequency at which a person uses 29 people skills when presented with various conflicts. In that way, we assess how they behaved, not who the player is.

FLIGBY’s Feedback Universe

The measurement of People Skills examines whether the user’s choices align with the Flow-promoting leadership approach. After finishing the FLIGBY game, the player is presented with a game results assessment that provides comprehensive results on the frequency with which they used the 29 Flow-inducing people skills. The evaluation can be used for individual development and can be configured to compare the player to:

  • All FLIGBY players
  • Their cohort
  • Custom comparisons by other benchmarks (like industry, leadership level, etc.)

The quality of a leader is given not by test scores but by the decisions players make. The essence of FLIGBY is a business simulation, placing the leadership and organizational dilemmas into a narrative context (managing the Californian Turul Winery). Thus, each game player becomes a part of the story in which their leadership decisions are based on information organized by them.

Since the situations are complex and each player’s personality will influence their choices, there is no single correct answer. But some solutions will be more optimal than others.

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