Why-How-What: Defining FLIGBY’s Mission

Explaining FLIGBY based on Simon Sinek’s “Start with Why” approach

“Why-How-What” is Simon Sinek‘s idea about understanding the purpose of a product or a service. He introduced this framework as a concept called “the Golden Circle.” The Golden Circle is more than a communications hierarchy. Its principles are deeply grounded in the tenets of human decision-making. How the Golden Circle works maps perfectly with how our brain works. As Sinek explains,

“…the Golden Circle can be used as a guide to vastly improve leadership, corporate culture, hiring, product development, sales, and marketing. It explains loyalty and how to create enough momentum to turn an idea into a social movement.”

The management of ALEAS Group explained FLIGBY’s mission along with the Golden Circle in the following way:

WHY? – Building Better Workplaces and a Better World

Contrary to what most of us believe, happiness does not simply happen to us. It’s something we make happen, resulting from our doing our best while meeting challenging, meaningful goals. This is how Generations Y and Z find their Flow: working for a cause, not just for a living.

HOW? – Building Better Leaders! FLIGBY Develops Flow-promoting Leadership Skills

Leadership can make a real difference: it can improve quality of life. We need leaders who believe in goals that benefit others, not just themselves. Flow-promoting Leadership creates an environment where people enjoy their work and grow in the process of doing it. Our game-based psychometric tests, measures, and develops Flow-promoting Leadership skills.

WHAT? – Transforming Leadership Development

FLIGBY is the official Flow program for decision-makers, developed with Dr. Csikszentmihalyi. The simulation format, combined with advanced data-driven user analytics, helps leaders understand how they behave and the impact on those they lead. FLIGBY redefines Leadership Development to prepare users for 21st-century challenges.

What Problem is FLIGBY solving?

  • Traditional leadership practices do not support sustainable growth or promote Flow – Traditional leadership development does not address the core issues impacting workplace motivation and performance. Its focus is on optimizing roles within existing structures according to inflexible ideas about best practices rather than creating an environment where people enjoy their work and grow in their ability to meet increasingly complex challenges.
  • Traditional leadership development approaches do not support experiential learning – Leadership enormously influences employees’ status and futures. Classic leadership development treats leadership as too “serious” to allow space for experiential learning.

What is FLIGBY’s solution?

FLIGBY is designed according to the principles of Good Business. Good Business aligns a company’s practices with authentic values.  Good Business creates conditions for flow in the workplace. FLIGBY helps users practice and refine leadership skills for Good Business.

FLIGBY is the “flight simulator” of people management. It fosters individual and organizational performance and offers an engaging way to analyze the real-time consequences of managerial decisions. FLIGBY offers sophisticated practice in a safe environment. It can compress eight months of real management experience into 6 hours of game-based learning.


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