New features in FLIGBY’s Gameplay Assessment Application

Importance of Measuring Soft Skills with Simulations

Soft skills, also known as interpersonal (or people) skills, are increasingly recognized as crucial for success in the workplace. These skills include communication, teamwork, problem-solving, leadership, adaptability, and emotional intelligence. Simulations, such as FLIGBY, that measure soft skills play a significant role in several ways. For example, they replicate real-life challenges by providing authentic learning experiences and realistic environments where candidates or employees can face challenges similar to those they would encounter in their actual job roles. These online simulations play a valuable role in assessing and enhancing the soft skills necessary for success in the workplace.

Therefore, it is essential to determine how the simulation presents the results to the users (game analytics design) and what reporting features it offers for further experiential learning.

Renewing FLIGBY’s reporting UI

FLIGBY’s Metrix, its Account Management and Reporting Module, received two crucial updates recently. These developments will help users navigate more efficiently and smoothly within their gameplay and access FLIGBY’s gaming and assessment features via advanced single sign-on integrations.

Modular view of available assessments

Since its launch in 2012, FLIGBY and its associated services have undergone substantial transformations. The number of gameplay result assessments has notably expanded: from the initial’ Leadership Skills Profile,’ players can now delve into their performance with over five specialized assessments. Introducing popular new reports like VUCA and the upcoming ‘Professional Role Skills Strengths’ analysis is a testament to our commitment to continuous improvement, driven by your needs and feedback. This has prompted the FLIGBY developers to revamp the interface presenting the reports, making it easier for you to navigate between the different feedback.

The new dashboard shows the available reports in a modular view, empowering you to choose the assessment that best fits the challenges you want to be ready for in your workplace. This practical approach to reporting is designed to enhance your soft skills and prepare you for success.

LTI integration

Setting up FLIGBY’s Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI) integration with major Learning Management Systems (LMS) was a definitive milestone for simulation-based university courses.

LTI allows FLIGBY to connect and interact seamlessly with an LMS, creating a unified learning experience for students and instructors. With LTI integration, external tools and services can be launched within the LMS, eliminating the need for separate logins for each tool. LTI also facilitates a secure exchange of information between the LMS and external learning tools. This ensures that data, such as course information and grades, can be shared between the LMS and the simulation platform seamlessly and securely.

Thanks to this newly developed LTI environment, FLIGBY will connect smoothly to other third-party tools that offer access to gameplay-results-generated online learning content.

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