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interactive movie

Dec 17, 2019

Interactive movie in Leadership Development

Serious Games as Innovative Learning Solutions The educational interactive movie is a genre of serious gaming. Serious Games are typically online applications that make use of the mechanisms of video…

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FLIGBY at the Honor Foundation

Dec 3, 2019

FLIGBY in the Navy SEAL training program

The Honor Foundation FLIGBY at Navy SEAL is We always take pride when acclaimed organizations recognize and employ our solutions. When the best in a profession chooses FLIGBY, we feel…

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Nov 19, 2019

FLIGBY’s Simulation Feedback System

FLIGBY’s Galaxy of Feedback Types FLIGBY’s simulation feedback system has been designed to give each player a continuous stream of valuable, multidimensional feedback during and after the Game. The two dozen…

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scenario-based learning

Nov 12, 2019

Scenario-based Learning

Branched Simulation Scenarios Choose-your-own learning adventure FLIGBY is a scenario-based learning program —also known as problem-based learning or whole task learning—with a highly interactive course design that puts the learner in…

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