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ALEAS Simulations, Inc. – Inside the Learning Revolution®

The producer of FLIGBY (the “FLOW is Good Business™” concept and online Serious Game) is ALEAS Simulations, Inc. (12121 Wilshire Blvd, Suite 525, Los Angeles, CA 90025).

ALEAS is an innovative serious gaming lab based in California and Central Europe, Hungary. The objective of the ALEAS Edutainment Philosophy is to effectively enhance all learning practices including skill development. Our operation is based on a threefold corporate philosophy: balance of simulation, adaptivity and game-based approach.

Computer games are one of the most empowering activities in the virtual world. They are meant to be fun. That’s why edutainment is the most effective method of learning today. Results are based on trial and error methodology: a direct link between learning efforts and results.

The Development Team of FLIGBY

The “FLOW is Good Business” (FLIGBY) project was developed by our international me-Learning® Serious Gaming team (including Professor Csikszentmihalyi) and a team of Professional Filmmakers under the leadership of director John Rado. The essence of FLIGBY is that it is a micro-simulation, which means that the dilemmas of various organizations are integrated into our framework story of the imaginary Californian Business called Turul Winery. Each event simulated in the course of the game is based on authentic situations from our business consulting experiences in organizational development.

The me-Learning content development project is a complex task, which requires the efficient and value-added co-operation of different sectors. The quality of FLIGBY is guaranteed by ALEAS Group’s successful co-operation in research and development with management consultants, business schools, movie industry professionals and IT-experts.

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