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FLIGBY leadership simulation is Csikszentmihalyi’s official FLOW program.

  • Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi has co-produced FLIGBY, teaching how to generate FLOW at the workplace.
  • Designated by experts as the globe’s top business simulation game (Gold Medal Prize, International Serious Play Awards, Seattle, 2012).
  • FLIGBY measures 29 management/leadership skills.
  • FLIGBY’s leadership development program combines video game learning experience with psychometric game-based assessment.
  • Employs real-life business simulation, in an interactive, movie-like setting; teaching how Flow can be promoted at the workplace. Aspiring as well as experienced managers will identify with it and learn from it.
  • FLIGBY is the “gamification” of the Flow-based leadership development process.
  • Although FLIGBY is Flow-based, the managerial challenges and the options it presents are fully compatible with a wide range of leadership theories, enhancing them all.
  • At the Game’s end, FLIGBY leadership simulation provides an individual report to each player on his/her skillset, with a range of benchmarking options available.
  • FLIGBY brings excitement and inspiration to the teaching of a wide span of leadership topics; most players experience personal Flow during the Game.
  • FLIGBY leadership simulation is available as a powerful management-training tool with which to approach any organization interested in improving the performance of its managers/leaders.
  • FLIGBY’s large data-set offers a unique research opportunity because the players’ leadership skill measurements are based on non-intrusive observations, yielding unbiased outcomes.
  • FLIGBY promotes “Good Business” values. Good Business is a term Prof. Csikszentmihalyi explains as a way of conducting business that is both successful and humane.