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FLIGBY is a scientifically designed educational game (a business simulation), underpinned by the proven theory of positive psychology and the applied theory of what makes certain types of computer games effective instruments of serious learning. These mutually reinforcing scientific foundations are a guarantee that FLIGBY generates successful learning outcomes.

You must navigate your way through interpersonal, organizational and business complexities under truly real circumstances – all the way to success! Each and every decision influences how Turul Winery’s story unfolds. Players explore and experience the complexities of leadership, and how the Flow-state influences individual and team performance.

You play;  FLIGBY records your every stroke and measures your capabilities on multiple dimensions. During your gameplay, 150 decisions and their individual, business and organizational impacts are evaluated.

Your performance is measured from several perspectives. The actual Flow-state of the employees as well as the Profitability of the company both serve as continuous feedback. In the event of mistakes, Mr. Fligby, the virtual coach of the simulation gives us advice, holding back no punches. And if you make good decisions, Mr. Fligby will praise you.

The quality of a leader is given not by test scores, but the decision s/he makes.  The essence of FLIGBY is business simulation, which is, placing the leadership and organizational dilemmas into a narrative context (managing the Californian Turul Winery). Thus, each individual game-player becomes a part of the story in which the leadership decisions they make is based on information organized by them.

Since the situations are complex and each player’s personality will influence his/her choices, there is no single right answer. But some answers will be more optimal than the others.

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