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Download FLIGBY’s Sample Personal Report

FLIGBY® is the official Flow Program for decision-makers by Prof. Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi and ALEAS Simulations. FLIGBY’s leadership development program combines video game learning experience with benchmark-based competence assessment.

The time spent playing FLIGBY is a valuable investment. This detailed, 42 pages Personal Report is built on the basis of those decisions the Player has made throughout the Game.

The Report consists of four sections:

  1. WELCOME – Summarizes the main messages and key values of the FLIGBY Simulation.
  2. YOUR GAMEPLAY RESULTS – This part of the Report lists the “key performance indicators” (KPIs) and the virtual characters’ subjective feedback on the Player’s performance.
  3. YOUR LEADERSHIP SKILLS PROFILE – This part of the Report is an unbiased analysis
of the Player’s 29 Flow-Leadership Skills. The skill measurement is based on those key managerial decisions that the Player made throughout the Game.
  4. IF YOU WANT TO KNOW MORE – More details and explanations about the Game: additional KPIs, and Mr. Fligby’s subjective opinion about the Player’s leadership practice.

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