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The proven effectiveness of leadership development based on simulation via FLIGBY lies in the Game’s extensive feedback system.

FLIGBY combines the very best of virtual-reality-gaming experience with cutting edge leadership development. The professionally designed online learning curve enables human interaction with FLIGBY’s intuitive user-interface, generating visual feedback on your screen. The characters’ reactions to the player’s decisions feel absolutely real.


fligby_scene_fullThe dynamic data that appear on Turul Winery’s dashboard gives a continuously up-to-date overview of the player’s performance, and does so on several performance dimensions after each and every decision the player makes in this interactive movie. The indicators show, for example, the “Corporate Atmosphere”, the “Profitability Index”, and each of your management team member’s positions on Csikszentmihalyi’s Flow-radar.

Playing FLIGBY more than once – even several times – gives players the opportunity to test different strategies and behavior patterns, comparing their results on all aspects.

The Game, combining sophisticated, benchmark-based Competence Assessment and Reporting, as well as blended learning possibilities, makes FLIGBY an indispensable part of any serious corporate leadership and talent development program, whether offered to aspiring or seasoned leaders.

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