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Good Business is about values.  Good Business” is a term Prof. Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi explains as an enjoyable work environment for an organization’s stakeholders, through which a business’ (or any organization’s) “balanced scorecard” improves, thereby contributing to healthier and more sustainable societies at large.

If there is Flow in your business, employees perform at their peak and work becomes a source of enjoyment and personal growth. Your company will become a place that people will look forward to being a part of.

Leadership today has moved beyond running a large organization. In today’s increasingly complex network society – where entrepreneurs, subcontractors, consultants, and freelancers are slowly outnumbering in-house employees – leadership requires not only the running of a bureaucracy but the provision of expertise, credibility, and trust. Leadership in this newer world means confident, value-based decision-making and acceptance of its consequences.

Good Business reveals how leaders, managers, and even employees can engender Flow in their colleagues as well as in self. It identifies the factors crucial to the operation of a successful but sustainable business: trust, the commitment to fostering the personal growth of employees, and the dedication to creating a product/service that helps mankind.

We believe in the Power of Flow. A Flow-based organization promotes employee engagement and positive attitudes at the workplace. The most important distinguishing trait of visionary leaders is that they believe in a goal that benefits not only themselves, but others as well.

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