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What exactly is FLIGBY, the Official Flow Program?

Csikszentmihayi’s “FLOW is Good Business” (FLIGBY) is an online simulation set in a Californian winery. The player is guided on a path towards optimal leadership development, a Flow inducing corporate culture and self-actualization through interactive dialogues with colleagues and clients. The FLIGBY concept was developed in close cooperation with Professor Csikszentmihalyi who is one of the greatest psychologists of our age. FLIGBY is the Official Flow Program for decision makers.

What is a Serious Game?

A Serious Game is an application with a primary purpose other than pure entertainment. What sets these applications apart from traditional video games is their focus on specific and intentional learning outcomes to achieve serious, measurable, sustained changes in performance and behavior. A Serious Game is usually a simulation, which has the look and feel of a game, but is actually a simulation of real-world events and processes. FLIGBY is a Serious Game.

What are the Key Learning Points?

FLIGBY helps managers create a workplace environment in which Flow can flourish – a workplace that promotes employee engagement and positive attitudes. FLIGBY offers you a powerful and personalized learning space. With the help of FLIGB you will be a more pro-active and at the same time a more thoughtful leader and you will take part in business decision making more consciously. The Reporting Module connected to the simulation gives company/academic groups detailed feedback on the results of the individual as well as the group, highlighting the fields needing further development.

What is FLIGBY Blended Learning Solution?

Online Simulation + Classic Training/Coaching Approach = Customized Leadership Development program. The FLIGBY blended learning solution integrates the FLIGBY Online Simulation and related onsite training/coaching programs into a synergistic development tool. FLIGBY blended solutions are provided by highly qualified local consulting partners.

How long does it take to play FLIGBY?

Depending on how deeply the player delves into the issues, whether he or she restarts a particular Scene or the entire game, whether and how extensively a player makes use of the Media Library’ readings, total time might range between 6 and 12 hours. The average of the thousands of persons who had played the Game through 2015 was 7.5 hours.

How do I gain access to FLIGBY?

If you are part of a group, all players are registered in the system by the instructor/trainer. If you are not part of a group or are not a Certified FLIGBY Consultant (CFC), then please contact the FLIGBY Service Center. For starting the Game, each participant will receive an auto-generated “registration e-mail” from the system. Ask for our Multiple License and Blended Solutions Package developed for teams and larger groups.

What will registration entail?

Each participant’s username will be the e-mail address to which he/she receives the registration e-mail. The username cannot be modified later. From then on, participants can log into the simulation with this username and a self-created password. Part of the registration process is to fill out a compact questionnaire about the player’s professional background and interests in order to enable generalized benchmarking. Each player’s anonymity is strictly observed. Following registration, participants can enter and re-enter the simulation at any time. The Game always continues from where the participant stopped the last time.

For how long will I continue to have access?

For six months exactly, from the time you registered. Thus, you will continue to have access to the Game even after the instructor’s deadline, which of course you will have to observe. This gives you the opportunity to replay and experiment with “what if” situations.

Are there any special technical requirements to play FLIGBY?

No! What you need is a computer with an internet connection, a valid e-mail address and a Flash-enabled web-browser. Find Adobe’s official Flash Player help center here!

What are the rules for re-starting a Scene or the entire Game?

Until the 12th Scene (out of 23), that is, through Scene 11, two restarting functions are available. One restarting option is to replay a Scene; another, to restart the Game from the beginning. Restarting a Scene would mean that the data of that Scene, and only for that Scene, will be over-ridden, whereas restarting the entire Game would mean that all your previous data will be over-ridden. At your completion of Scene 11, the restarting functions are inactivated. However, once you finished the Game, you are welcome to replay it as many times as you wish, within your access period.

Where do I get help in case of a technical problem?

Any helpful hints about playing FLIGBY?

  • Set aside time for this project – According to our experience, the best strategy is to spend periods of time on multiple occasions. The system records where you stopped, so when you return you can continue playing and learning from where you left off.
  • Avoid multitasking – FLIGBY is a real-life simulation, requiring strong concentration. Otherwise you can easily forget an earlier detail that becomes important later on. Without effective concentration, you can be misled more easily by some of the characters who might try cunning to get what they want. Please note also that once you have been prompted for a decision in a Scene, the preceding video segment cannot be replayed. If you need a short break, pause the video segment or the Game. Note that after about 10 minutes of inactivity, you will be logged out. Afterwards, you can log-in again and you will be automatically at the place where you stopped before.
  • Don’t leave playing FLIGBY to the last moment – The Game is too complex to start the rescue of the Turul Winery one or two days before your deadline. Having to rush means that you’ll enjoy the Game less and are likely to forgo your own Flow-experience. Many players have had such Flow experience while playing FLIGBY.
  • Trial and Success – Try as many strategies as you can, and check how the virtual environment reacts to your different managerial decisions.
  • The Multi-Media Library can be helpful but its use is optional – Using the support videos and readings can help you to understand some complex issues and managerial dilemmas relevant for the Game and – later on – for your leadership experiences in the real world.