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Social Media Copywriter Internship and/or Part-Time

You might be selected, but are you sure that you would be up to this job? The deadlines might be tight, and you really have to dig deep into your creative vein to create the best articles you haven’t even imagined writing. Are you sure you could write about topics you haven’t even heard of before: such as serious gaming, leadership development, university course crafting, Flow, employee retention, engagement and so on.

On top of that, you should fulfill the challenges of the Turul Winery as the newly appointed General Manager in ALEAS Sims award-winning Serious Game, FLIGBY. That would be the first step of a journey followed by many-many hours of brainstorming and creative processes.

Who we are looking for?

We are currently searching for a creative Copywriter who is dedicated to crafting excellent original content. Yes, that’s correct. Whatever you write, will be read not just by other university students, but really influential people, like the former VP of IAC, former Navy Seals, CEOs of international organizations and so on. Would you like your name to be recognized and even memorized by them? Here’s your chance.

Don’t wait, apply today!

And now, let’s see the hard facts: as a copywriter, you will craft textual content for FLIGBY from newsletters to well-researched articles. You will learn about the needs of partners and clients, assist in the brainstorming process, generate original content, and may assist in other aspects of the creative process.

Copywriter Responsibilities

  • Creating and editing original copy that is accurate, well-researched, and meets client/partner needs and deadlines.
  • Conducting research to formulate ideas or support writing.
  • Learning about the target audience for a copy.
  • Assisting in other aspects of the creative or research processes to create cohesive, accurate content.

Copywriter Requirements

  • Bachelor’s degree in English, Communications, Business, Psychology or related field.
  • Experience writing copy or with specific topics, such as Leadership, Management, Serious Gaming, Flow, Engagement, Positive Psychology, etc, may be beneficial.
  • Strong communication, research, writing and typing skills.
  • Creativity, Resourcefulness, Flexibility, and Motivation.
  • Ability to understand the needs associated with a project and the target audience.
  • Receptiveness to feedback.
  • Willingness to meet deadlines.

Intrigued? We’re so excited to hear from you. Apply today!