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Promoting Flow is one of the most important aspects of good leadership.

The first step during the development of FLIGBY was identifying the leadership skills that ensure the creation and maintenance of the Flow-based organizational culture. By means of those leadership skills, leaders can help their colleagues reach their own Flow-state and raising the performance of the team/organization.

The FLIGBY Leadership Skillset has 29 elements. It contains communication, organizational, leadership and social skills.

(1) Active listening, (2) Analytical skills, (3) Applying personal strengths, (4) Assertiveness, (5) Balancing skill, (6) Business-oriented thinking, (7) Communication, (8) Engagement and Trust, (9) Conflict-management, (10) Delegating, (11) Diplomacy, (12) Emotional intelligence, (13) Empowerment, (14) Entrepreneurship (Risk taking), (15) Execution, (16) Feedback, (17) Future orientation, (18) Information gathering, (19) Intuitive thinking, (20) Involvement, (21) Motivation, (22) Organizing, (23) Prioritizing, (24) Timely decision-making, (25) Social system thinking, (26) Social responsibility, (27) Strategic thinking, (28) Teamwork, (29) Time management.

The elements of the FLIGBY Leadership Skillset are explained in details here.

The content and the decision structure of the FLIGBY game have been built up to test, measure and develop these important leadership skills directly. The FLIGBY “MAP” (Master Analytics Profiler) gives detailed and quantified feedback on the current state of each skill, identifying those needing improvements.

Knowledge of the skill-levels so obtained can be especially useful for predictive-people-analysis identifying leadership skill gaps and suggest remedial action.

Since companies, as well as government agencies and NGOs, operate in different industries and business contexts, they often identify specific leadership competencies. Organizational success typically requires a contextually different blend of skills. Each such “blend” can be custom-made from the FLIGBY 29.

Visit the official website of our “Leadership and Flow” research to get more details on how to extend and apply the Flow concept to the world of organizations.